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SAS Scandinavian Airlines in Kloten

Firmen­profil SAS Scandinavian Airlines im Branchen­portal

SAS Scandinavian Airlines
Postfach 872
8302 Kloten ZH
Tel.: 0848 117 100
Fax: 043 210 26 30

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Beschreibung und Mehrwerte


Scandinavian Airlines International is the leading and preferred airline for travel between Scandinavia and North America & Asia.

Our focus is on non-stop-traffic to/from and via Copenhagen and Stockholm.

We offer three service classes and have Europe's best Intercontinental business travel service. We fly to all major destinations.

"Our operating environment and the attitudes and values of our customers have changed rapidly in recent years. Increased flexibility is demanded from airlines. Today’s business travelers demand flexibility and individually adapted solutions and look for services with increased comfort, privacy and well being. Over the years, Scandinavian Airlines has been a pioneer within various areas pertaining to development and service, and this work continues. Passengers are able to travel on their own terms. We offer services to those that require the possibility of rebooking their trips or utilizing travel time more efficiently. But we also have competitive offers for those who are only looking for lower prices. We would like our customers to experience simplicity, choices, consideration and individual service when they travel with SAS. In an increasingly competitive market, the ability and willingness to change will be the focus for airlines that would like to continue to maintain their positions at the head of the competition. Here, SAS is in a class of its own, " says Lars Lindgren CEO of Scandinavian Airlines International.

The aircraft fleet consists of Airbus 340-300s and Airbus A330-300s. Other destinations outside Scandinavia are New York, Chicago, Washington and Seattle in the US and Bangkok, Beijing, Shanghai and Tokyo in Asia.

Sehen Sie hier das Unternehmens-Firmenprofil von SAS Scandinavian Airlines in Kloten (Zürich). Dieses Firmenporträt hat die ID HLP-1-205083.

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